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January 26, 2016

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45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM

places you in veteran SP/UP Engineer John Cockrell's seat to experience exactly what

he did during his 45-year career as a fireman, switchman, and engineer working for the largest railroad in the country. His hits, misses and everything in between.

You don't just read about railroading - YOU LIVE IT!

300 Pages

Original, Never-Before-Seen Pictures

and Over 60 Stories, such as:


The Rat Hole * My First Hobo * The Three Nurses * New Year's Eve Torpedos    

Refer at Redding * Cattle on the Bridge * Chemical Spill, Cantera Loop

                                                            and many more...




Printed, Black and White copy: $24.00

 Click on colored words to review and purchase.

For over twenty-eight years, this husband and wife team worked together as founders/co-owners of many small business ventures. Also, for over three years to document John's stories. He told them as Sheri typed, bringing them closer together and allowing Sheri to know more of what he did during his trips away.
The stories in their book are the real-life trip experiences that John remembers most vividly. Documented lovingly by Sheri, it is a book that is meant for sharing. Not only with you, dear reader, but with generations to come.

And On Kindle. $9.99


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