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John Cockrell


Sheri Cockrell

Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Engineer, 45 Years - Retired 

Veteran Small Business Owner


US Navy Veteran Seabees MCB11

  My railroad career began when I was hired in engine service for the Southern Pacific Railroad on my 18th birthday. I started as a Fireman, and promoted to Engineer in 1971. I was one of the few employees hired in engine service that started by firing steam engines, and retired as an employee operating up to 6,000 horsepower computer-controlled General Electric diesel locomotives,

with just under 2,000,000 compensated miles. John loved the railroad, but loves his country, serving 4 years in the United States Navy, SEABEES, MCB11.

  Co-authoring 45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM, my career memoir, with my wife, is my most recent accomplishment. Even though I had many more stories to add to our book, it contains the ones that I most vividly remember. My philosophies on life and the secret to surviving retirement?

God first. Love. Family. Friends. Never stop rolling along!

Enjoy the journey!



Creative Director

Goal Specialist/Strategist

Publisher - Events Organizer


45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM

Adventures of a Railroad EngineerTM

Follow: Samuel Francine Matt GeorgieTM

Contributing Author:

Incredible BusinessTM, and

Mom Entrepreneur ExtraordinaireTM

  John and Sheri have worked together as founders/co-owners of many small businesses for over

twenty-eight years.

Their current business ventures are:

  45 Years RailroadTM - offering many retail products, including John's career memoir:

45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM


 For over two years they worked to document John's stories. He told them as Sheri typed, bringing them closer together and allowing her to know more of what he did during his trips away. The stories in their book are real-life trip experiences, written in first-person perspective. It is a historical book that is meant for sharing. Not only with you, but with generations to come.


  Cockrell EnterpriseTM  - Your Success AllyTM Our Workshops, Events, and Services Creatively Meet Your Specific BUSINESS, COMMERCE, and PUBLISHING Needs. 

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