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45 Years of True Railroad Stories



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45 Years of True Railroad Stories

Adventures of a Railroad Engineer

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Incredible Business, and

Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Sheri Cockrell

John Cockrell


For over two years, this husband and wife team worked together to document John's stories. He told them as Sheri typed, bringing them closer together and allowing Sheri to know more of what he did during his trips away.
The stories in their book are the real-life trip experiences that John remembers most vividly. Documented lovingly by Sheri, it is a book that is meant for sharing. Not only with you, dear reader, but with generations to come.


Enjoy the journey!

“Writing this book has taken our relationship to a new level of closeness. I never knew what John went through during his trips away. He never brought any of it home with him. Now I know some of the incidents that he took pains to shield us from. I hope you enjoy reading his stories as much as we have enjoyed writing them.”


Married to John for 29 years and counting, 45 Years is a labor-of-love that took Sheri over two years to complete. The journey almost derailed in early 2012 due to a health scare.


A business owner veteran with more than 20 years’ experience in business operations, Sheri’s current business brought an invitation to co-author her first book, Incredible Business, followed by Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire which you can find online, search: Sheri Cockrell.


Her philosophies on life: God first. Love. Family. Friends. Never give up. Never stop learning. Never stop loving.

Even though there were many more stories, 45 Years contains the ones that John most vividly remembers.


John’s railroad career was important to him, but so was serving his country. While employed, and a Naval Reservist, he also served two years active duty as a Sea Bee in MCB11.


John and Sheri, his wife and business partner, have been married 29 years. He is excited to share his stories with everyone, including 8 children, 13 grandchildren and generations to come.


His accomplishments include the invention and patent of ‘Pocket-Lok®’ pickup truck stake-pocket anchoring system, co-ownership of a pickup truck accessory retail store, and a contracted trainer for TCC. Besides co-writing his memoir, he is currently working on other projects and inventions.


His philosophies on life and the secret to surviving retirement?God first. Love. Family. Friends. And, never stop rolling along!


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