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You have written an excellent book on railroading. This book brings back many stories when I was railroading on the Sierra Northern. You have captured all the comedy, strangeness, everyday operations, and all the hazards that can be expected when employed on the railroad. Thanks for the memories!         Mike Gillman. "Old Man Muscle" 2013

45 Years of True Railroad Stories is an enjoyable moment in time. It is a good, easy read, and ride, that transports the reader to a fellow traveler. Welcome to a front row seat, on a regulated journey, that allows you to experience first person moments in the life of John Cockrell.      Earl R., 2013

I LOVE it! It had me laughing the whole time.      General Store Manger. Roaring Camp Railroads, 2013

Gary and I LOVE it! Warm and masculine too. A great read from the heart that everyone will enjoy.       Gisela Butler, Author, My Flight to Freedom. A true story of great courage escaping East Berlin at 18 years of age.  2013

Easy to read. Exceptionally written.       David C.  2013

Fantastic book! A must read!       Debbie W.  2015

Me and my Dad, went to the Turlock train show today. I had an amazing time there. On my way out we stopped by John's booth. I saw the pictures on his lap top of all his pictures he took over his 45 years in railroading. They were all really awesome pictures. I got to talk to him and ask him a few questions which was an experience I will never forget! With all that I bought his book and started reading it as soon as I got home! When I am reading it, I feel like I am in his shoes. like I was there along with him. I love reading this book a lot! I have loved trains since I was 1 year old! I am 21 years old now. There is never a day that goes by that my love of trains disappears. I have a train simulation game that is REALLY realistic. Also very fun to play. With that I just want to thank Mr. John Cockrell for letting me speak with him for what seemed like minutes and minutes. Telling his stories, which I loved hearing. Also I want to thank Mrs. Sheri Cockrell for writing all this and putting it into a book! Looks like alot of hours was put into it. I love reading this book. Thank you guys for everything today! I hope to catch up with you guys here in the near future! Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year.                                           Sincerely, Shaun Chisholm, 2013


Roseville, CA

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