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I have your book on my bedside table. I've read it so much that I could quote each story and the pages are falling apart.          By 2015

Great read. This is a great book for any railfan.          By Thomas Visintainer, Nov. 2015, Kindle  (5 stars)

Excellent read. Great book wished it was a 1000 pages long grew up in redding my dad was a signal maintainer for s p in redding a lot of stories in book take place in my dad's district.          By Dennis McIntyre Jr.  Oct. 2015, Kindle (5 stars)

A must read for anyone who dreamed of becoming an engineer.      By Pat Bromley, Sept. 2015, Kindle (5 stars)

As a railfan and retired 31-year employee of Union Pacific Railroad I loved the book. I am very familiar with the places he worked and easily fell into his easy and thoughtful tales about the railroad. Too many railroad books are childish or vindictive.          John Bromley, Sept. 2015,  Kindle (5 stars)

Five stars. A great book for railroad life.          By Andrew D. Powell, Sept. 2015, Kindle (5 stars)

Four stars. A very nice read.          By Amazon Customer, Aug. 2015, Kindle (4 stars)

Interesting and very readable. An interesting collection. It was special interest to myself as an ex railway worker to compare many similarities and differences with procedures that applied to the New Zealand system during the same times.                By Alanma  July 2015,  Kindle (4 stars)

Five stars. Very intersting and funny, GREAT read.          By Tim N. Tuggle, July 2015, Kindle (5 stars)

Fun reading. Enjoyable, fun reading.          By Viewman, May 2015, Kindle (4 stars)


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